An Bootstrap dropdown component and replacement of vanilla select element, designed for AngularJS

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nya-bootstrap-select helps you build select element or dropdown with Bootstrap style and an angular way. Generate options with collection, get user select value with model. Define various styles of the select options as you wish.

Better Select Element

Support both single and multiple select mode, make it a better replacement of select element than others.

No JQuery Required

The only angular and bootstrap css are required. no longer depends on jquery.

Customize Option Style Is Easy

Build you option aka dropdown element is very easy. write your template under each list element to make any appearance. No attribute content needed any more.

Live Search through The Options

Just add a attribute live-search="true", you can add an live search component into your dropdown.

Control the Button Content.

You can use some feature like select-text-format or alternative display to control the button content when user select or un-select options.

Layout With Bootstrap 3

You can use bootstrap grid system to layout size and position of your dropdown.